Abs   Gastric & breast cancer 2002, v.1
Abs Txt Gastric Cancer 1998, v.1
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Gastrointestinal Cancer Research

2007, v.1gratuito después de un año
Abs Txt Gene Regulation and Systems Biology 2007, v.1
Abs   Gene therapy 1997, v.4
Abs Txt Genes and Cancer 2010, v.1
Abs   Genes, Chromosomes, and Cancer 1989, v.1
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Genetics and Molecular Biology

1998, v.21
Abs Txt Genetics and Molecular Research 2002, v.1
Abs Txt Genome Biology 2000, v.1
Abs Txt Genome Medicine 2009, v.1
Abs Txt Georgia Cancer Specialists News 2001
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GMS German Medical Science

2003, v.1
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