Advisory Committee

The committee consists of:

Centro de Documentación e Información en Cáncer (CDIC)    –    

Programa Nacional de Control del Cáncer (PRONACCAN)  –

Representación OPS/Uruguay   –   

Servicio de Oncología Clínica de la Facultad de Medicina  

Sindicato Médico del Uruguay   –  

It was created in May 2002. Its main purpose consists in coordinate adequately and effectively the sources of information of the VHL-O, according to the quality criteria demanded by Bireme / WHO for development, monitoring and adequacy of the BVSs to new realities.

Main objectives:
  • To contribute to the development of sources of information for the VHL-O, in coordination and cooperation with other thematic, institutional and national VHLs.
  • To promote common actions with other agencies of the area for the establishment of cooperative arrangements between institutions to provide a better and efficiently use of available resources.